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Our Covenant

Our Covenant

New Life Church (NLC) is a community of believers, who recognize and form part of the wider world-wide body of committed followers of Jesus Christ. Our Church Covenant is intended to encourage and nurture local followers, into a practical fulfillment of their commitment to follow Jesus Christ. We are committed to being transparent in our dealings with everyone and all are cherished and valued.
People who regularly attend New Life Church, and have publicly acknowledged their faith in Christ Jesus (usually through public baptism) and consider New Life Church to be their main place of worship may join others in New Life Church in making a covenant together before God. The Church covenant can be signed, stated publicly or confimed at a meeting with New Life Church Elders.

Wording of the Church Covenant
Today I covenant with all others in new Life Church:

– I trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and I will serve Him in His Church and in His world.

– I believe and will do my best with God’s assistance to live by the Biblical truths of the Christian Faith as expressed in the Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith.

– I will share responsibility for our church by:
Attending our worship and other meetings as regularly as I am able, and taking part as God enables me;

– Sharing my faith in Jesus Christ with others by word and action

– Willingly share my time, energy, resources and money in the work and ministries of the Church, so far as I am able.

– Acting in humility and love towards others, accepting them as Christ accepted me;

– Respecting and supporting our leaders, as they follow Christ and act biblically;

– Praying for fellow Christians, for our leaders and for the work and witness of the Church

– Encouraging spiritual unity in the church, acting humbly towards each other, forgiving one another.