Our Story

This section of the New Life Church website allows us to go into more detail of who and what we are as a church, our vision, our values and information someone looking at NLC might find helpful.


New Life Church was founded on this conviction, people matter to God; therefore they matter to us. At NLC we will seek to encounter God and be transformed by him [Look Up]; be a united... Read on.


Our core values bring clarity to the things that matter most to us at New Life Church. They guide how we achieve our mission, influencing major leadership decisions as well as everyday ministry plans... Read on.


A Biblical Model of Church Leadership: Throughout the New Testament principles of church leadership point to a central theme - You don't do it alone! As a church we run with... Read on.


When the church was formed, the church body and the Leadership agreed the Church Handbook. As part of this process we agreed on our core beliefs, also known as a statement of faith... Read on.


When the church was formed, the Leadership along with the church looked at the whole area of belonging to church. What that would look like? a membership? an agreement? As a church we our covenant... Read on.


When we formed as New Life Church in 2009, and began the journey that is NLC. The Church and its Leadership Team put some guidelines down to help in the transition, detailing the main elements of how we would function... Read on.