Crèche: 0 > Pre-School

To see children whose hearts are filled with God’s joy, who know they are loved and what it is to love and support others, showing this love in action.  Children who worship God and pray persistently, seeing God at work.  We desire for our children to have a personal relationship with Jesus and a deepening understanding of God’s word as they grow.

We believe this starts very young and we seek to provide opportunities even our youngest to develop that relationship with Jesus.

Our Crèche meets at the comfy seating in the SBTA [Suffolk Borders Teaching Alliance] social area. The area is set up from the beginning for your use with: toys, games, songs, story books, colouring and much more.. The service leader will normally around 11 o'clock pray for Junior Church and encourage them to go to their specific group.

This is currently manned by parents/friends of the children that go out.

If you have any questions or queries , do get in touch at